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I hereby affirm and represent that I am properly authorized by my hospital to access this information, that I have been instructed by the hospital regarding the use and/or disclosure of the same, and that I will comply with any and all policies and procedures implemented by the hospital in regards to this information, as well any and all applicable laws, regulations, or authority, including federal, state or local law. I understand that I am not permitted to obtain, disclose, use, sell, reproduce, or access the information contained herein, including any and all individually identifiable health information, protected health information and/or electronic protected health information, except as permitted by law. I will not take any action which may waive, in full or in part, any privilege that applies to the information contained herein, including without limitation, the QAA privilege, the patient safety work product privilege, the medical peer review privilege, the attorney-client privilege, and/or the attorney work product doctrine. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to abrogate, limit or change any obligation and/or right provided by federal, state or local law.
I further acknowledge that XynQAPI contains methods of exporting protected health information that is protected by HIPAA and peer review statutes, that XynManagement is no longer responsible for the security of this data once it is exported from XynQAPI, that the integrity and validity of data removed from XynQAPI is not guaranteed after it is out of the system, and that if I download data I have permission to do so from my transplant center and I will treat the data as protected health information.

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